Woolcraft an indie game
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Version 1.21


New in this release


Achivements and Leaderboard makes it all so much more fun.

The Black Sheep

Yes, the strange and not so white sheep is a fact in this release. Does not always do as expected... but I'll sure you will understand him after a while.

The Blocker

A new block is also new in the game; The Blocker - think you can guess what it do.

The Oil

I wonder what color a white sheep will have after a match with it...

Levels of the Woold

So much more here so this area have its own menu part: Latest 50, Top 50, Random 50 etc.


All levels from the Woold can now be rated. Very good for the new menu: Top 50...

Diamonds are forever

So bright, so wonderful and so hidden... and also so perfect for an achievement.

Level Editor

Includes the Blocker, Black Sheep, Oil(!) and Bushes. Great before and even greater now!

New levels

Some (boring) tutorial levels has been deleted and instead there are new fresh tutorial levels for the Black Sheep. Actually the Tutorial levels has its own menu now.

There are also some tougher levels for The Black Sheep.

There are now over 1000 playable levels in Woolcraft! That means many hours of playing...

New fresh icon

Fresh release needs a fresh icon.