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Woolcraft an indie game

There are so many good games out there, made by people who have no support from the big game industri. They are called an indie game. These games are created by individuals or small teams without any publisher financial support. They all rely on innovation, creativity, and artistic result instead.

Woolcraft is indeed an indie game. Its made by only one person, Patrik Holmstrom. From the original idea to the release. However, there is also another person behind the game. Daniel Cook at Lostgarden. Woolcraft graphics is based on his contribution to all new game developers around the world. Special thanks to you Danc!

About me, Patrik Holmstrom

I am, when this is written, 45 years old. A typical swedish guy with a wife and three children.

Woolcraft is the first game I made for mobile devices. I made some games many years back. Actually its been 20 years since my last game I did. Back then my computer was a Amiga 2000 and I made games with something called Amos. I'll guess that a lot of you dont even know what I am talking about...

Game developing is something I really, really have a big passion for. I still is a gamer and been that since I first bought my VIC 20. Today I play most games on my Xbox360. My favorite game is right now Fallout: New Vegas. But I also play on PC. Most time Battlefield Bad company 2.

A small dream

I hope that my game, Woolcraft, will be played by people all over the world. If I ever found a video on Youtube, made by someone from another country, that includes Woolcraft somehow.

Wow, that would really be awesome...
(Dream Accomplished)


A great puzzle game for
iPhone, iPad and iPod-touches.

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