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Pappas appar review Woolcraft
Woolcraft is a game where you have to think logically

Normally I do not write about regular games on this blog. But this game is a bit special. It is beautiful, addictive and has a very quiet and child-friendly pace. The game resembles a puzzle and you need to think logically prior to each course. Loyalty is also the app is developed in Sweden.

Woolcraft is a pretty tricky game and works best for older children. Menus and choice of levels is unfortunately not entirely intuitive. So we do need an adult who tells us how the game works the first time.

I know that Woolcraft used in Vallaskolan. The children in the preschool class work then together to solve problems.

The game is to keep one or more get back to the mainstream of the moor. The playing field looks like a grid. One control sheep, by pressing the arrows. The sheep will continue to move in one direction until they either fall into the water or run into an obstacle. And that's where the challenge lies.

By digging away a patch of grass you can for example get the sheep to stay. But you can not dig in the grass where there already is a must. Sometimes when you dig you can find a large rock. With it you can make a bridge over the water. One can also find a seed. It can be planted on the grass and then it becomes a shrub. The sheep love bushes.

Apparently there are a lot of rules for how things work. But there are as many as 60 lanes to practice on, and rules are introduced one at a time. I think the 60 training courses is more than enough for most people. But is it really good is an additional 240 courses and 1700 that are created by users ...

The app is available in a Lite version is completely free. The big difference is that it only contained 12 tracks. Six of these are practice tracks. Otherwise, it is a fully functional app.
The rating is 5 out of 5.

Link: www.pappasappar.se


148apps review Woolcraft
La cría de una oveja de verdad, y mucho menos una manada entera, no puede ser muy fácil. La cría de las ovejas cutesy digital en Woolcraft hay pastel de a pie tampoco. Se necesita un poco de ingenio y persistencia para conseguir algunos estas ovejas donde necesitan ir. Además de ser linda, estas ovejas están atentos y muy obediente, pero los terrenos y obstáculos que deben superar los pastores hacen mucho más difícil.

Woolcraft se divide en cientos de rompecabezas cuadriculada donde el objetivo es conseguir que todas las ovejas de su mosaico a partir de la misma baldosa, como su amante joven pastor. La parte sorprendente del juego proviene de cómo se mueven las ovejas de un lugar a otro como los jugadores tratan de reunirlos con la chica. Las ovejas se pueden mover en una dirección en un momento, y las ovejas ovejas, si hay más de una oveja en el rompecabezas que todos se muevan en la misma dirección al mismo tiempo. Las ovejas también se mueve por lo que pueden en esa dirección antes de detenerse. El jugador controla el movimiento de las ovejas mediante la eliminación de las parcelas de la hierba que hará que una oveja parada en la última casilla de la hierba antes de que el punto pelado. Mediante el control de parte de cada uno viaja a las ovejas y en qué dirección, el jugador será capaz de conducirlos de nuevo a su solo pastor a la vez.

La cría de la oveja se vuelve más difícil, ya que los obstáculos como el agua se añaden a la ecuación. Las ovejas, al parecer, no demasiado brillante y no pueden nadar, se salten fuera de las plazas verdes en cuadrados de agua donde se ahogan. El jugador debe tratar de mantener a las ovejas fuera del agua, ya que los guíe a casa. Esta tarea se hace posible en algunos casos mediante la búsqueda de herramientas especiales en plazas eliminado de la hierba, como las piedras para construir puentes y arbustos que se deje de ovejas que se mueva más lejos en una dirección determinada.

Woolcraft es lindo, no hay otra manera alrededor de ella. Las ovejas, el pastor joven, y los azulejos utilizados para construir los niveles son muy lindos. Los efectos visuales son coherentes y que aportan una fantasía para el juego que hace que sea un placer jugar otra vez. Los puzzles son difíciles, y los jugadores estarán satisfechos cuando la figura de los más difíciles. Para aquellos que buscan un juego de puzzle encantador que no se mezcla con la manada, este es un gran juego. El gran número de puzzles incluidos en el juego significa que va a mantener a los jugadores ocupados durante mucho tiempo, y eso no es contar el 1000 los niveles de + generado por el usuario que se han creado con el editor del juego de niveles incluido. Este juego no es sólo la pelusa, hay un montón de contenido cuco de lana para disfrutar.

Link: www.148apps.com


appadvice review Woolcraft
Woolcraft by GrafiaData brings mountains of fluffy, sheep-themed gameplay to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Like a reverse Green Acres, the app brings the farm to you, along with a heap of grid-based puzzling action. The game is every bit as cute as it is challenging, making it one of the better puzzle apps available in the App Store.

The goal of Woolcraft is to direct nearby sheep from their starting point on the game board to their loving shepherd elsewhere on the map. The levels are composed of grid-like tiles that must be navigated to earn a free pass to the next set.

The sheep are controlled with easy to use on-screen navigation arrows. However, the poor creatures will move in whatever direction you send them until they either reach an obstacle (like a bush or broken piece of pasture) or they plummet to a watery death. This means you’ll have to correctly arrange the board’s elements to steer them where they need to go.

This is further complicated by several unique enhancements the developers have included. Extra variables include water tiles, constructed bridges, taken-out pieces of grass, and bushes you construct. All in all, it makes for quite the puzzling combination, especially with more than one sheep involved, or several black sheep (which, characteristically, do the opposite of what you’d expect) on the board.

Woolcraft’s biggest advantage is perhaps its plethora of levels: There are well over 100 maps for you to work through, with the added bonus of being able to create your own, or download other player’s creations. There’s far more material here than can be worked through in only several hours, helping players take the edge off multiple morning commutes.

The game’s pacing is a bit off at times, however: This is especially true during the tutorial missions. Woolcraft starts you off slow, gently introducing new elements at a pace that can often be called glacial. Because the starting levels aren’t that difficult, having to slog through easy maps isn’t much fun.

That being said, the later levels (and as mentioned, there are loads of them) prove to be quite the burden. The game really heats up toward the end, creating a puzzling experience that’s rewarding, cute, and endlessly creative.

The app is absolutely laden with content, and with such a cute premise, it would be hard to find a player capable of saying no to the game’s packaging.

Woolcraft, for all its cartoony demeanor, is a deep and rewarding puzzler that deserves a test run, at the very least. It won’t break the bank, and it may just become your new favorite time sink.

Link: www.appadvice.com


reviewme.oz-apps review Woolcraft
There have been a couple of games that involve sheep, one that I recollect was "Sven", if you are European, you must have definitely heard about it (it was only for the PC), it was a series of games about a sheep called Sven. The story line was not suitable for kids, as it involved Sven keeping the ewe's happy. This one is a clean game and infact has a lot of inputs/inspiration from kids.

New Zealand has the largest number of sheep, but still this game that involved sheep comes from Norway. Patrik Holmström is an inspirational story of a developer that has made such a polished fun to play game from a person that had no Mac programming knowledge and no Apple device to start with and is a true Indie developer at heart. The concept of the game is quite simple, it is a puzzle game where you have to guide the sheep to the shepherd. The sheep keep moving in a chosen direction, so one has to plan the movement so as to avoid the sheep from falling into the water. There are also objects to collect and find, that help with the task at hand.

The number of levels are plenty to fill waiting for a plane at an airport for over 4 hours. There is never a dull moment. In fact there are some real good features added, if the water is tapped, the water tiles move to give the illusion of water, in fact there is what I feel a Clown Fish that pop's up every now and then, but cicking on that makes no difference as such.

The graphics are an interesting part, Daniel Cook, of Lostgarden fame created a set of graphics that are available for Indie developers to use for free in their apps, and most apps that have used his graphics have had this real polished look and have been a massive crowd pleaser, another recent example was Walkabout. Patrik has done a marvelous job at creating the additional graphics required for the game that blends in wonderfully as if it was Daniels artwork in the first place.

The entire production is a family effort by the Holmströms, where the voice have been contributed by his wife and his 12 year old.

This is one game that is a must on the iOS device if you love puzzles.

Link: www.reviewme.oz-apps.com


iPad games review Woolcraft
Tutti gli amanti puzzle, ascoltate! In Woolcraft troverete le pecore più adorabile di comando, ma prima di farlo, si dovrà anche fare alcune modifiche al loro mondo.

Bisogna scavare e cercare le pietre che è possibile utilizzare per costruire ponti sull'acqua, trovare i semi e piantarli in modo da crescere a cespugli così le pecore si ferma a mangiare e si ha realmente bisogno di un piano per fare tutto.

Woolcraft è facile fin dall'inizio, come un puzzle game dovrebbe, quando si avvia con i livelli di 6o tutorial.

Il problema è che presto si occuperà più pecore e non si possono muovere autonomamente, dicono a destra e loro vanno tutti bene, anche se tale direzione si concluderà in acqua e muoiono. Con i giochi più di 200 (!) i livelli è bene che si possono ripetere più e più volte fino ad avere tutti gli ovini salvato il pastore di attesa.

I puzzle sono un bel mix, quindi, anche se si sta giocando in poi (leggi più difficile) i livelli a volte una semplice mostra improvvisamente.

Con tante cose da risolvere è bello anche che il gioco ha un editor di livelli in modo da poter riposare per un po 'e cercare di rendere i tuoi livelli e magari sfidare un amico o due. La grafica è grande, ci sono le pecore si amore, un canto pastore di godere e, infine, i puzzle che sembra non finire mai - proprio capito!

Link: www.ipadgames.com


Touch Reviews review Woolcraft
WoolCraft er et fantastisk puslespil, der kan nydes for folk i næsten alle aldre. Dit mål i WoolCraft for iPhone er at hjælpe ejeren af nogle af de sødeste får i verden får hende får tilbage. Hvordan gør du det? Brug et simpelt sæt af kontrolelementer, der er forklaret i tutorial niveauer for at få fårene til pladsen hun står på. Lyde enkelt? Det er i starten, men som i de fleste puzzle spil, vokser vanskelighederne og vokser.

Kontrolsystemet er meget enkel og dermed let for børn og forældre både at samle den op forholdsvis hurtigt. Spillet udnytter lignende kontrolforanstaltninger for mange af de niveauer, så du ikke behøver at lære et nyt styresystem til hvert kort, der er rart for de yngre publikum. Du har pile, der peger op, ned, til venstre og ja du gættede det ... rigtigt. Fangsten er, at hele spillet næste elementer er indført for at gøre kort mere og mere kompliceret.

Du vil finde nye værktøjer til din rådighed, som vil hjælpe dig imødegå den næste udfordringer. Controls ligesom grave hjælpe dig stoppe din får på et bestemt firkant og hjælper dig også med at afdække sten, som du kan bruge til at bygge broer over vand. Et andet eksempel er en busk, som stopper dine får, når de rammer det, så de ikke går i vandet. Disse kontroller hjælpe med at sætte vanskeligheder og nye metoder til at løse gåder. Et element, der øger chancerne for dine fejl er, når de tilføjer flere får, som du skal styre. Dette er et problem, fordi fårene fortsat gå en bestemt retning, indtil noget stopper dem. Du skal være meget omhyggelig med at have noget, der vil holde nogle får op af vandet, men ikke afskåret vejen til deres ejer. Den eneste ting, der stopper dine får, er: når enden af skærmen, kommer til slutningen af banen i specifikke niveauer, kommer til en fjernet blok af græs, noget at spise og have en anden får foran dem finde. Fårene dør, når den ramte vandet eller er tvunget til at stå på den samme plads som en anden får. Så vær forsigtig!

Med alle disse opgaver, du er ikke tvunget til at stole udelukkende på pilene. Som nævnt ovenfor er der værktøjer, der vil støtte dig i at beskytte og i sidste ende recuing fårene. Nogle ord at leve efter, er: grave og guide fårene, kigge efter sten til håndværk en bro, plante frø og se dem vokse til får mad og glem ikke at bruge Mr. Mole. Et ord til de kloge, se jorden dine får bundet hele, fordi nogle af dem til at handle anderledes end andre og har en dejlig belønning under. Det tog mig et minut til at bemærke dette, men det sparede mig en masse unødvendige grave. Skønheden i dette spil er, at selvom du har nogle problemer, kan du prøve igen det niveau igen og igen uden straf.

Måske en af ??de bedste muligheder dette spil har at byde på er alle niveauer. Du har en masse planer til din rådighed i starten af dette spil, i virkeligheden er der to hundrede! Den virkelige kicker er, at du også kan designe dine egne baner og udfordre en ven at slå dit design. Pretty sød huh? Det level editor giver dig en blank tavle, der giver dig mulighed for at bruge nogen af de emner, du ser i spillet for at gøre en awesome kort. Oven i dette store feature er, at du kan spille andre tilpassede kort fra omkring "woold", som er lavet af andre brugere fra hele verden. Disse kort er temmelig awesome og yderst kreative og give dette allerede vanedannende spil, selv stor replay værdi. Igen Værdien af ??dette spil er second to none med brugerdefinerede niveauer, level editor og forudindlæste 200 niveauer, som du har at vælge imellem.

Præsentationen af dette spil er meget rart. Det er ren og sprød og håndtag stor. Designet er børnevenligt, men spillet er helt sikkert egnet for voksne. For dem af jer, der fik afhængig af at Farmville på Facebook, siger, at udseende. Lyde og visuelle aspekter er særdeles velegnet, og kun tilføje til det allerede vanedannende spil.

Link: www.touchreviews.net


QUERTYhub review Woolcraft
Woolcraft iPhone Review - Minecraft Geïnspireerd Puzzler

De kans is groot dat u op zijn minst een beetje gehoord over het populaire spel Minecraft - het spel waar je de mijne middelen uit vierkante blokken en gebruik dan deze middelen anders iets te bouwen. Woolcraft leent dit concept (en stijl) naar een uitdagende en unieke puzzel spel te maken.

Je doel in Woolcraft ($ 1,99) is een manier te vinden om de schapen te krijgen veilig terug naar de herder. De schapen in Woolcraft zijn enigszins als lemmings aangezien zij blindelings lopen weg kliffen in het water en verdrinken als je een obstakel niet plaats in hun pad. Graven kunt u steen of zaden die je kunt gebruiken om bruggen of plant een struik in het pad van een schaap (die hen ervan weerhoudt u verder gaat) te bouwen. Natuurlijk, als je graaft te veel, kan je uiteindelijk het verhelpen van een met gras begroeid pad van de schapen moeten lopen over, zodat je niet zomaar lukraak graven.

Krijgen de schapen waar ze moeten gaan is makkelijk genoeg, maar als je eenmaal hebt meerdere schapen op het scherm op hetzelfde moment, je kunt niet individueel te verplaatsen. Met andere woorden, als je een schaap te vertellen om te verhuizen naar de linkerkant zullen ze allemaal naar links te verplaatsen - zelfs als het betekent dat ze zou sterven door dit te doen. Wees voorzichtig met de instructies geeft u uw schaapjes. Wanneer men sterft uw herder zal woedend dans, duidelijk gestoord te verliezen een van zijn kudde ... het is eigenlijk vrij effectief. Eenmaal vond ik mezelf in een doodlopende zou ik bijna altijd hit "restart " dan het nemen van de volgende actie, omdat ik niet kon verdragen om de schattige kleine schapen-ondergang te zien. Vreemd hoe snel je gehecht raken aan deze hersenloze wezentjes.

Woolcraft biedt een ton van niveaus (200 +), maar alles tot aan level 60 is eigenlijk gewoon een introductie tot het spel. Na 60, echter, zal het niveau al snel tot oprit in moeilijkheden. Sommige fasen zal zeer, zeer gemakkelijk, terwijl anderen zullen stomp je keer op keer. Er is geen manier om een level te skippen, dus je zult het moeten uitzoeken voordat u verder gaat. Helaas is de moeilijkheid niet het gevoel dat het stijgt met een constante snelheid. Sommige puzzels zijn erg uitdagend, en dan de volgende zal een fluitje van een cent. Omdat je niet kunt overslaan niveaus die je kan krijgen stumped vroeg op en geven op het spel ... maar als je genieten van een goede puzzel die je zal zeker in staat om de oplossing te vinden met een kleine inspanning.

Een leuke functie van deze titel is de level editor. Dit is niet alleen kunt u uw eigen aangepaste levels te bouwen, maar je krijgt om een ??aantal van de meest populaire maps spelen in de "Woold". Dus echt, het bedrag van het goede, het niveau van kwaliteit dat je snel kunt spelen in dit spel verder gaan dan de oorspronkelijke 200 Mark.

Algemeen Woolcraft is een goede puzzel spel dat heel wat uren gameplay biedt. Ik beveel het voor iedereen die echt graag puzzelspellen, en geniet van de uitdaging aangeboden. Dit spel zal zeker je doen denken aan de latere levels, maar je kan hebben om waden door tientallen levels voordat je het gevoel alsof je eindelijk een fatsoenlijke uitdaging. Gelukkig mag je overslaan naar niveau 160 en de paragraaf te beginnen "Voor S * M * A * R * T volk ". Het is leuk, het is uitdagend, en het is een beetje raar hoe gehecht je zou kunnen krijgen om deze schapen.

Link: www.qwertyhub.com


iphone-journal review Woolcraft
Woolcraft Spiel für iPhone und IPAD.

Verwenden Sie Ihre Logik, kritisches Denken und Ihre Liebe zu allen niedliche flauschige Schafe beim Spielen GrafiaData neueste Spiel , Woolcraft . Die ersten 60 Stufen lernen Sie, wie das Spiel gespielt wird, aber es gibt mehr als 200 Levels im gesamten Spiel. Und glauben Sie mir, obwohl die ersten 60 Levels sind etwas von einem Tutorial, sind sie nicht so einfach.

Die Grundlage des Spiels ist es, dass Sie die fehlenden Schafe zurück in ihre eigene, die verdächtig aussieht Mary BoPeep bekommen müssen. Anfangs war ich mir nicht sicher, ich würde das Spiel Spaß macht, aber je mehr ich spielte, je mehr ich es liebte. Sie müssen Eigentümer führen die Schafe wieder in ihre durch das Graben in der Erde, Brücken zu bauen, und Pflanze Ing Samen. Sound verwirrend? Es ist wirklich nicht. Aber das Spiel erfordert Sie, vorausschauend zu denken, verwenden Strategie und Logik, um die Schafe, wenn sie benötigen, um zu bekommen.

Wenn die Schafe sterben, haben Sie die Möglichkeit, die Ebene zu wiederholen. Es gibt keine Frist, die ich mochte, aber in einer zukünftigen Version, ich glaube, eine zeitgesteuerte Option wäre die, dass der Druck genießen zu profitieren! Alles in allem ein nettes Spiel, dass dein Geist beschäftigt hält, während Tötung einiger Zeit. Meine dreijährige tötete ein paar Schafe, aber sie genoss die Herausforderung, herauszufinden, welchen Weg die Schafe benötigt wird, um zu bewegen.

Anforderungen und Informationen: Kompatibilität: iPhone, iPod touch und das iPad

Link: www.iphone-journal.com


Referencement-internet-web review Woolcraft
The publisher GrafiaData presents a puzzle game which has some interesting features for less. Designed for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, this software is available on the App Store on iTunes for 1.59 euro. Let me tell you at this price, you do not deal only with simple software. Besides the graphics sported this application will prove

Generally, a set of puzzle on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad does not matter too much for movies, but seems Woolcraft override this unfortunate rule. The principle of this software is to help the sheep lost in a universe unusual to return to their shepherd. Pretty simple concept as you say, but beware, this is where the gameplay is very important.

In Woolcraft, lead the sheep to a specific location is a rather difficult thing to do. Besides the world of this application will not make you gift, as many traps and other pitfalls await you at the turn. Another interesting fact is that the game features 200 levels to explore, including 60 that make up tutorial mode.

Your brain will be severely tested with Woolcraft, but it is a puzzle game, it is quite natural. The animations are very present, which will not bore you. Regarding the soundtrack Woolcraft , can you say that you are spoiled by the publisher GrafiaData. Worthy Music of Final Fantasy is omnipresent in this software, and helps put you immediately in a triumphant mood and for every attempt and achieve your goals.

Link: www.referencement-internet-web.com


Funtouch review Woolcraft
There must be a trick. Frankly, it would tell you to become a shepherd? I mean, spending his time counting sheep, try to gather them all in a wild and hostile (without 3G)? It must be a priesthood. However, on iPhone , I'm not!

Woolcraft is the last game GrafiaData proposing precisely this strange experience, but in hard puzzle, the goal is to help the sheep to return to their shepherd.

Well done visually speaking, the game features over 200 levels (!), 60 tutorials alone (!). Suffice to say we did not finish sees the edge, especially a level editor is also present. The game is universal and costs 1.59 euro.

Link: www.funtouch.net


Feber review Woolcraft
Puzzle games with the sheep, so I am always weak. This is about who wants to get back to their owners, who should govern them. Woolcraft has over 200 courses to play. The first levels introduce different game moments and can then be skipped when you get the hang of it.

Link: www.feber.se


Appolicious review Woolcraft
En el último año, el juego de PC MineCraft ha ganado mucha atención para permitir a los jugadores crear estructuras enormes y los mundos, por los recursos mineros de su gráfica de la vieja escuela, basada en la red mundial. Woolcraft utilizes a similar idea, but in a grid puzzler in which you're tasked with returning sheep to their owner. Woolcraft utiliza una idea similar, pero en un puzzle de la red en la que está encargado de devolver las ovejas a su dueño.

Con cuatro botones de movimiento, puede dar a sus órdenes ovejas para desplazarse por cada nivel, pero una vez se emite un comando para que se muevan, que van a seguir adelante hasta que se detuvo. Woolcraft requiere que excavar la tierra, construir puentes y usar la lógica para mantener a las ovejas de vagar fuera de los bordes y en el agua mientras que usted juega a través de sus muchos niveles. El juego también incluye un editor de niveles para que pueda crear su propio diseño y desafía a tus amigos para ganarles.

Link: www.appolicious.com


Örebroguiden review Woolcraft
Sweden is strong in the game world. Another Swedish developed game has reached out into the world. Newly released game Woolcraft for iPhone and iPad. This time it GrafiaData who made this first game for all the millions of iPhone and iPad player.

The development of the apps are becoming the hottest in the IT industry and everyone wants to create the new Angry Bird. If Woolcraft to succeed, no one can know but animals in the game strikes apparently and Woolcraft bet hard on his sheep.

Patrik Holmstrom who is behind the game Woolcraft fighting not only when he says that game industry achieving a lot more than the film industry. The so-called smartphones and their apps with prices from a few dollars have been living and brings in millions of dollars to include Apple. Yes - it is something that the big mobile manufacturers missed. Nokia used to be a brightly shining star jumped too late on this train. Today raging their shares at a rapid pace. Who would have thought ten years ago? then we thought SMS was hot and multimedia was new.

This is apparently to be vigilant to developments in the mobile industry moves quickly.

Woolcraft then? The game is entirely proper facilities for the present stressful man - too fast is also the watchword when we play well. The game is excellent when it is set up like so that you at anytime can pick up your iPhone and iPad on the train, metro, bus or when you have some spare time and play for a while.

So you have five minutes to spare? Then take your chance and save the incredibly cute sheep with a little brain work. If you manage to solve your task, you just like in real life are rewarded with new problems. Woolcraft contain a number of over 200 courses of escalating difficulty.

Link: www.orebroguiden.se